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Tampines North Primary School is a school in Tampines, Singapore.


The school was started in 1994 headed by Mr Lim Peng Hua, the Principal together with 18 teachers. It started with 322 students with classes held at Qiaonan Primary School. It moved to the present premises in 1995. Its school building was completed by January 2004.

Name From To
Mr Lim Peng Hua 1994 1999
Mrs Neufeld Lay See 2000 2006
Mrs Low Bee Huay 2007 Present


School Mission[]

To instill Liveliness, Curiosity and Graciousness in every Pupil.

School Vision[]

A Pioneering School that Challenges Individual Frontiers though Holistic learning and Discovery.

School Trusts[]

Refective Culture
Inspiring Staff
Strategic Partners
Engaged Pupils

School Values[]

Trust: Cooperation, Honesty and Responsibility

Nurture: Caring, Respect and Patience

Passion: Perseverance, Courage and Creavity

Success: Excellence, Self-Discpline and Unity

School Badge[]

The shape of the shield depicts a strong protection for the pupil holding it. It shows a strong person with a true and noble character depicted by dark and light blue.
The "T" and "N" combination insignia on the shield stands for Tampines North Primary School and also represents the True and Noble quality of the pupil standing on a solid foundation of a good education from Tampines North Primary School.

School Flag[]

The School flag is divided into 2 parts:The upper part is yellow and the lower part is blue.
The School crest is in the centre of the flag.The two parts,the yellow and blue background depict a pupil's intellectual development and devotion towards the community and the nation.
In the forefront,emerges a shield(the School Badge),a strong protection against the erosion of human values which are to be preserved and protected.
The "T" and "N" combination symbol shows a "TRUE" and "NOBLE" character to be developed through pupil's primary education from Tampines North Primary School.

School Attire[]

For girls,they wear a white short-sleeved blouse with collar,a blue pinafore with the school badge made of cloth sewn on it.The boys wear a white short-sleeved shirt with the school-badge made of cloth sewn on it in school. Name tags are to be sewn on every uniform,but despite this rule,some students' uniform does not have a name tag on their uniform.For P.E. Attire,the students should wear a Tampines North Primary School T-shirt/house T-shirt and school shorts.No modifications are to be made to the school uniform. From the School Handbook,but written in a different way.


The hairstyle for girls:Hair should be short and neat.It should not touch the eyebrows or collar.(For short-hair.)Long Hair should be below the collar of the school blouse,it also must be tied with darkblue/back/white ribbons.The long fringe must be pinned up,and only Dark blue/black/white hair clips are to be used. The hairstyle for boys:Hair should be short and neatly combed and not touch ears,eyebrows or collar.Boys should not sport moustache,beard or sideburns. The rule for both genders is that,no COLOURED or TINTED hair is allowed in school. From the School Handbook,written differently.

School Song[]

At Tam-pi-nes North Primary School

Our Aim is to be Noble and True.

Our goal is to strive to - reach for the star, To shine forth both near and far.

Each of us will - heed the - call

To be a light for - one and - all.

Stead - fast and worthy we'll - want to - be A - gleaming example for all to see.

For our coun - try we'll do our - best.

With shields up - right we'll stand the test.

With our mind and body - spirit and soul, We'll go all out to reach our goal!

At Tampines North Primary School!

Taken from the School Handbook

School Website[]

Tampines North Primary School