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Qiaonan Primary School (Template:Zh) is a government primary school in Tampines, Singapore.


Qiaonan Primary School was established as Kiau Nam School in 1933 when Wang Xiyuan was appointed as its first principal. In 1938, the school, with an enrolment of 85 pupils, moved to another rented house at Lorong Tai Seng when the owner sold off the previous school premises. In 1940, the Board Director Liang Jinhui offered to sell his own attap house on Paya Lebar Road and renovated it for Kiau Nam School.

When the Japanese occupation of Singapore began in 1942, the school closed down when Wang Xiyuan and two teachers wre killed. In 1945 after World War II ended, the school re-opened at its original premises in Paya Lebar, and Wang Yihui was appointed as its principal. In the following year, the school was officially registered with the Department of Education. Kiau Nam School became a government-aided school in 1957.

With the increase in the school's enrolment to 480, fund raising projects were held for its new building in 1958. In 1962, the school's new building was completed, and an opening ceremony was held. The school had 15 classes and an enrolment of 566 pupils. In 1979, English was taught at the school as first language and Chinese as a second language to the Primary 1 pupils. Two pre-primary classes were started.

In 1985, Kiau Nam School was re-located to Tampines New Town, and the school was re-named Qiaonan Primary School. It became a government school offering English as the first language and Chinese and Malay as mother tongue languages. There were 747 pupils and 25 teachers from 20 schools.

The school celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2003, when Irene Ng, Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC, was invited as the guest of honour.

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School Symbols[]

School Badge[]

The badge is in the shape of an open book. There are five rings at the bottom of the book, each of which represent a core value of the school, namely: Search for New Knowledge, Strengthen The Total Being, Support One Another, Seek to Innovate, and Strike For Good Character.

School motto[]

Persevere to Excel

School Vision[]

Every Child Can Achieve Excellence

School Mission[]

We are committed to be a school where each child GROWS to have:

Good Character,
Well-balanced lifestyle,
Social responsibility.

School Values[]

Search for New Knowledge,
Strengthen The Total Being,
Support One Another,
Seek to Innovate,
Strike For Good Character.

School Song[]

On our Lion City Qiaonan school stands,
Reaching up to the sky and looking grand.
Where-in we are all nurtured,
to be learned and cultured.
Ever keeping up with time,
so we won't be left behind.
With one another we will share,
for each other we will care.
With the spirit that is Qiaonan,
working mind and heart as one.
And with the same unity,
we will serve the country.
As loyal citizens should,
For all Singaporeans good.

School Leaders[]

2009-Present Tan Boon Hong Victor

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