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Anglican High School (Singapore)
File:School crest22.png
圣洁公义 - Aspiring towards Holiness And Righteousness
Tanah Merah,
Type Govt-Aided, SAP, autonomous
Established 1956
Session single session
School code 7101
Principal Maureen Lee (Mdm)
Enrolment 1400+
Colour(s) Green, white, red

Anglican High School (Abbreviation: AHS) is an autonomous, Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and Government-aided co-educational secondary school in Tanah Merah, Singapore.


AHS was founded in 1956 by the Chinese-speaking congregations of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. It was the only Anglican school in Singapore with Chinese as its medium of instruction. All others were English-medium schools.[1]

When AHS opened in January 1956, it had a principal, three Chinese teachers, three English teachers, and 123 male students. Lessons took place in classrooms at St Andrew's Secondary School. Later on, female students were admitted.

It acquired the present Upper Changi Road site and erected the first school buildings in 1960, with 16 classrooms, three science laboratories, an administration-cum-staff room, an assembly hall and a clock-tower.

At first the school included a pre-university level (Pre-u 1 and 2) but this was phased out in 1978 when Junior Colleges were introduced in Singapore.

In 1979 AHS became a bilingual Special Assistance Plan school, and in 1995 the government awarded it Autonomous status, giving the school greater control over its affairs.

In 2005 a new school building and the AHS Heritage Centre were officially opened by the Rt. Rev. John Chew, Bishop of Singapore.

An indoor sports hall was completed in 2008 and was the hosting venue for the inaugural 2009 Asian Youth Games FIBA 33 (3-on-3 basketball) event.Template:Citation needed

In March 2010, former Anglican High principal Mr Moo Soon Chong died at the age of 63.[2]

School crest[]

  • Green represents Abundant life
  • White represents Holiness
  • Red represents the Precious blood of Jesus Christ
  • The Cross represents Salvation
  • The Shield symbolises God's Protection and Care
  • The Eagle symbolises Soar like eagles

School song[]

The school song was changed in 2001, as the lyric of the original song was used Chinese phrases which were difficult to comprehend by the students. Many of the alumni expressed disappointment with the change as they felt that the original meaning of the song was diluted and a heritage of the school was lost. However, the school went ahead with the change. Further petitions to reinstate the original song were unsuccessful.

Original school song

浩荡嵯峨气象雄 黉舍峙,狮岛中

圣洁公义道之宗 肇锡佳名号圣公

咨爾多士慎磨砻 维上帝 临汝躬

春弦夏誦莫从容 干云之木自青葱

进德修业树风声 三教就四德成

永为基督之精兵 永为邦国之干城

New School Song

浩荡圣中气象雄 如鹰展翅岛中

圣洁公义我尊崇 远近嘉名号圣公

治学立业须谦恭 师友爱乐融融

把握今天勤用功 创造锦绣之前程

进德修业树校风 向着标杆力冲

永为基督之精兵 永为邦国之忠臣

Note - there is no official English version available.

School Creed - The Eagles' Creed[]

As students of Anglican High,

We aspire towards Holiness and Righteousness
With God's strength and help

We aim to be creative thinkers,
Lifelong learners and compassionate leaders.

We uphold integrity and
Show love and respect for others.

We will be responsible, disciplined and dedicated
Persevering in all challenges we face.

We shall continue to strive and
Let our talents soar.

We value our legacy and
Pledge our loyalty to our school and nation.

Ethos, uniform and discipline[]

AHS students are required to be "young men and women of integrity and honour imbued with Christian values", according to the school's website, with "a social conscience and responsibility and a sense of national identity, loyal to nation".[3]

Male students wear a white shirt with five metal buttons, two on the two chest pockets and three on the shirt front. Boys wear either short or long trousers, white in colour, depending on whether they are in lower or upper secondary, respectively. Girls wear a white blouse with three metal buttons on the front, along with a white pleated knee-length skirt. Girls may wear shorts underneath the skirt.

The school crest is worn on the left chest. Class committee members have a special school badge, accompanied with the words "Class Chairperson" or "Class Leader".

All students wear white AHS socks, which cover the ankles.[4]

Student councillors wear a slightly different uniform. Boys wear a white shirt with only one chest pocket, while girls wear a white blouse with no pockets. A red tie is worn by council members. They also have a special badge, the school crest with the words "Student Councillor", "Student Council Senior Member", or "Student Council President/Vice President" according to their roles, with Chinese translations.

PE attire is worn by all students for PE lessons and is a green-collared white polo tee with green shorts. The school crest is printed on the front, with "Anglican High" on the back.

Student councillors wear a green blazer with pants/skirts at important school functions, with court shoes. There is also a red blazer set with light grey pants/skirts used by the school band on official performances, like school anniversary celebrations and National Day ceremonies. This is also used by non-Student Councillors participating in school functions as ushers, emcees, etc.

There are strict rules about hair length, hairstyle and colour (dyeing not permitted).

To achieve a high level of discipline, there is a demerit point system. One demerit point is given for minor offences (e.g. latecoming or improper attire), three demerit points for serious offences (e.g. truancy or defiance), and five demerit points for very serious offences (e.g. smoking, fighting or vandalism). Disciplinary actions include corrective work and detention. For five demerit points, internal suspension or corporal punishment is awarded. The latter is for boys only and consists of several strokes of the cane.[5] The strokes are delivered to the student's buttocks, over his shorts or trousers. The caning ceremony is usually performed in front of the boy's classmates, but in serious cases a special assembly of the whole school is called to witness the punishment. Parents are informed after the caning has taken place.

Conduct grades, ranging from Excellent to Poor, are given each semester, in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines.



  • Dasmond Koh - Compere/DJ
  • Ho Yeow Sun (Sun Ho)- International singer
  • John Clang - International photographer
  • Nelson Kwei- Well-known music conductor

Co-curricular activities (CCA)[]

Students have four major types of CCAs to choose from - the Clubs and Societies, the Performing Arts, the Sports and the Uniformed Groups.

The 'B' division boys/girls basketball team received top honours for the East Zone basketball championships, and the 'C' division badminton players topped the East Zone in the inter-school competition. The AHS Performing Arts group returned with a total of two Gold with Honours, two Golds, three Silvers and one Bronze after the 2009 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging. Uniformed groups achieved six Golds and one Silver.

CCAs also participate in school-based activities and concerts. The school band and choir hold annual public concerts. The English Drama Club joined in the "Splat!" drama event; the Chinese Drama Society also holds performances bi-annually. UGs participate in the school's own National Day Parade in celebration of the nation's birth. This annual parade is held with the participation of the school band and choir.

Clubs and societies

  • Art Club
  • Chinese Society
  • Design and Technology Club
  • Infocomm Club
  • Robotics Club

Performing arts

  • Chinese Drama Society
  • Chinese Orchestra
  • Choir [Niche Area]
  • Concert Band
  • Dance Society
  • English Drama
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Harmonica Orchestra

Sports [niche area]

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Softball
  • Table Tennis
  • Wu Shu

Uniformed groups


  • Student Council


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